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legal tech

Opticon Data Solutions was born from the need to provide companies with smart, highly professional and performing services, necessary for compliance with European regulations on Data Protection.

The company draws its energy from a pool of jurists specializing in tech law, IT specialist, AI and blockchain researchers who, driven by a passion for innovation, design solutions to simplify the management of corporate regulatory compliance.

Opticon Data Solutions, Software house LegalTech, is the ideal solution for European regulatory compliance.

our skills

legal tech innovators

We are constantly working to enable Companies to comply with European regulations thanks to the support of technology.

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We design systems privacy by design and we support companies in the creation of the same

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We combine our experience with creative ideas to design the future of new technologies


We teach and learn from the machines in order to be able to predict the future of new technologies


We use the most advanced cloud technologies for more efficient and secure data management


We use the most advanced cryptographic standards to ensure high levels of confidentiality


We carry out compliance analysis on the algorithms to enable them to operate with respect for human rights

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our tools

our cloud's solutions

Simplifying data management by strengthening business processes, always ensuring the highest safety standards, is crucial for us.

We offer innovative cloud tools that facilitate regulatory compliance.

our services

cyber security & data protection

We support the Companies in the definition of a correct data path, thus ensuring the control of every business process that involves them, allowing the customer to achieve an optimal management of corporate compliance through the «Data Governance»


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our mission

opticon data solutions

The Digital Era has made it essential for companies to stay in tune with technological development to be able to move towards new business opportunities.

We are constantly engaged in research and development of innovative tools capable of acting as a link between new technologies and business needs.

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