Cyber Security

Resilience at our customers’ disposal. We support our customers in identifying, protecting, detecting, responding to and restoring systems in cyberspace.

Alberto Guglielmi | Co-Founder & CEO

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We use a set of proceduresmeans and technologies to protect computer systems from attacks of different kinds.

Being protected from digital risk is extremely important because it drastically reduces the dangers that can arise from digital transformation itself.

Image by - Opticon Data Solutions
Image by - Opticon Data Solutions

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Did you know that the main cases of cybersecurity breaches happen through their employees /collaborators performing seemingly risk-free actions?

Training is certainly one of the most important elements in cybersecurity as it allows to increase user awareness by providing the tools and knowledge needed to manage information safely.

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We perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test in order to test the security of the assets used in the processes. The controls will be performed in white box or black box mode according to the real needs of the customer.

The verification of security and risk levels is performed on the basis of International Standards (including OWASP and OSSTMM).

Image by - Opticon Data Solutions
Image by - Opticon Data Solutions
Image by - Opticon Data Solutions

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Net Analysis

We scan the web for non-indexed websites in order to check whether your confidential data have been disseminated/published as a result of data breaches or simply to enable you to exercise your right to be forgotten in practice.