Data Protection

Data Protection is not just an answer to a problem. If executed consistently and efficiently, it is also an opportunity to optimise business processes, providing added value to our customers’ business.”

Alberto Guglielmi | Co-Founder & CEO

Opticon Data Solutions - 2023

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We support our clients on the way to compliance with European data protection regulations. Using a legal-tech approach, we design business processes based on the necessary governance of the data processed by companies.

Opticon Data Solutions - 2023
Opticon Data Solutions - 2023

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We support our clients in the development of proprietary algorithms in accordance with fundamental principles with an ethical and sustainable approach.

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Disruptive technology

We guide companies in implementing the technologies that are defining the era in which we live, ensuring high standards of security and legality.

Opticon Data Solutions - 2023
Opticon Data Solutions - 2023
Opticon Data Solutions - 2023

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We support our clients in developing applications, systems and processes with a Privacy by Design / Privacy by Default approach.

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Data Anonymization

We provide methodologies via automated scripts to support the anonymisation processes of data in transit and at rest.

Using a legal-technical approach, in addition to returning anonymised data, we carry out periodic database assessments and provide supporting technical material.

Opticon Data Solutions - 2023
Opticon Data Solutions - 2023

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We create and configure programming interfaces to monitor the data lifecycle through a design-by-design approach.

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LOG management

We support our customers in defining the necessary information to be processed via log strings by providing technologies that guarantee its unchangeability via proprietary log-chain services.

Opticon Data Solutions - 2023